KTA Digital Learning Series

Video Learning Series

Adhesion Testing

Assessing Ventilation

Calculating Wet Film Thickness or WFT

Concrete Moisture Testing

Concrete Cleanliness

Concrete Paint Thickness

Corrosion Assessment

Field Lead Detection

Holiday Detection

How to Assess Surface Cleanliness Using Visual Standard

How to Measure Dry Film Thickness with the Positector 6000 F-Series Meter

How to Measure Surface Profile Depth with Testex Press-O-Film Replica Tape/Spring Micrometer

Measuring Ambient Conditions

Positest Air Leak Tester

Soluble Salts


SSPC Vis-3 Guide for Power and Hand Tool Cleaning

Tooke Gage

Type 2 Dry Film Thickness Gage Verification and Accuracy

Using the Positector Universal Advanced Instrument

Wall Thickness

Coating Failure Analysis Learning Series

Part 1 – Project Familiarization and Interview

Part 2 – Field Moisture Detection

Part 3 – Tooke Gage

Part 4 – Field Adhesion Testing – Knife & Tensile

Part 5 – Field Microscopic Examination

Part 6 – Laboratory Analysis

KTA Lunch N’ Learn Series


Coating Thickness

Salt Test

Surface Profile

Understanding SSPC Abrasive Blast Cleaning Standards and SSPC- Vis 1

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